Thursday, 7 August 2008


Today (Thursday 6.8) Grega, Mr. Babar (our liaison officer) and me had a morning flight to Skardu where Dejan already expected us. He just came back from basecamp of our K7 expedition in Charakusa valley. With our expedition cook and staff from Blue Sky agency he prepared loads for porters and tomorrow early in the morning we start with jeeps to Askole, the last village below Baltoro glacirer. The road is reported as blocked by landslides in a few places, so we would need to carry loads over. From Askole we hope to reach our base camp in 4 days.


roksy said...


Matevž K. said...

Že od zgodnjih jutranjih ur sem v šoku. Enostavno ne morem dojet, da Kozjeka ni več med nami. Pavle, bil si in ostal boš legenda! Nadi, Ani-Karin in ostalim svojcem pa iskrene sožalje.

Borut said...

Upanje umira zadnje, tako da upajmo da je preživel.