Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dejan from Pakistan

  The first member of Mustagh Tower exp. Dejan Miškovič is already in the Karakoram mountains. After he had arranged things for early departure of our expedition from Skardu (insh'Allah on Wednesday or Thursday) he is now on the way to Charakusa valley with members of K7 expedition. After his short acclimatizing we start together from Skardu to Baltoro glacier.
Grega and me still packing, of course... Out flight is tomorrow (Monday) afternoon from Ljubljana airport.
On the Slovenian site of our general sponsor Elektroservisi there's a new presentation of Mustagh Tower expedition. If everything works well we also hope to receive short e-mails to: Without photos and attachments, please... 
On the photo: Charakusa valley (photo: Marko Prezelj).

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